Recycling of electronic scrap and electronic components

Whether recycling, remarketing or refining: MAIREC is your specialist for optimum added value from all types of electronic scrap.

mairec edelmetall precious metals recycling elektronikschrott standard leiterplatten electronic scrap e scrap escrap standard pcbs medium low grade

Standard PCBS (medium & low grade)

Printed circuit boards of various types and qualities from old computers and servers (class 1; 1a; 1b); removed from printers, decoders and entertainment electronics (class 2); TVs, monitors and power supplies (class 3), as well as printed circuit board parts and rejects from production (disassembled PCBs and frames) will find the most effective recycling path at Mairec.

mairec edelmetall precious metals recycling elektronikschrott hochwertige leiterplatten electronic scrap e scrap escrap high quality pcbs high grade

High quality printed circuit boards and components (high grade)

High grade electronic scrap is extremely diverse. This category includes circuit boards and components with more than 300 grams of gold per ton of material, as is the case with RAMs, plug-in cards, most connectors, hard disc boards, ICs and processors, as well as mobile phone boards.

mairec edelmetall precious metals recycling elektronikschrott steuergeraete electronic scrap e scrap escrap contols units

Control units

Electronic Control Unit (ECU) are highly intelligent components, which are available in various designs and sizes.

mairec edelmetall precious metals recycling elektronikschrott ganze geraete electronic scrap e scrap escrap whole appliances

Recycling of whole appliances

Recycling before recycling. This is the basic principle of the Closed Substance Cycle and Waste Management Act. If old devices such as PCs, laptops, old mobile phones or parts of them, such as power supplies and graphics cards are still usable, we always strive to give each of these devices a second life before it goes into end-of-life recycling. Remarketing is a concept, designed with this principle in mind. Not only does preserve resources and the environment, but it also maximizes your economic advantages.

State-of-the-art technology

At MAIREC you benefit from the highest standards and meticulous precision in separation, homogenization, sampling, and value determination. (Take advantage of the world’s most efficient processing of control units and other composite materials from the electronics industry.)

Thanks to our unique proprietary separation technology, we provide the most attractive added value for control units and other complex electronic materials and save valuable resources from combustion in a cabin.

6 more highlights, for your success

mairec edelmetall precious metals recycling leistungen ueberragende konditionen highlights success outstandig conditions

Outstanding conditions

Thanks to our top-class international network, exclusive agreements with the most effective refineries and our unique remarketing possibilities, we guarantee you the best possible added value.

Outstanding flexibility in financing and payments

Our financial strength allows us to offer you various flexible payment and financing models. We are able return your precious metals in physical form, metal transfers or settlements in different currencies. As a part of our service, we can provide advance payments after a visual inspection immediately upon delivery. Please ask us for your individual solution.

mairec edelmetall precious metals recycling leistungen finanzierung highlights success outstanding flexibility financing payments
mairec edelmetall precious metals recycling leistungen beispielhafte schnelligkeit highlights success exemplary speed

Exemplary speed

The enormous capacity of our facilities and our own highly professional chemical laboratory ensure that you can expect final assay results at the latest 14 working days after delivery – the fastest turnaround available on the market.

Proactive advice from our experts

Should you wish to receive more information about the quality and value of your electronic scrap, our experts will be happy to advise you. Through targeted sorting and processing of smaller lots, MAIREC helps you to better manage the profitability of your purchases. Additionally, by leaving your precious metals on the metal account in a volatile market, you can minimize storage costs while taking advantage of improving prices.

mairec edelmetall precious metals recycling leistungen proaktive beratung highlights success proactive advice experts
mairec edelmetall precious metals recycling leistungen maximale transparenz highlights success maximum transparency through open door policy

Maximum transparency through our open-door policy

Unlimited access to all relevant processing areas gives you the opportunity to observe the sampling of your materials at any time with your own eyes.

Competence, true passion and reliability

The dedication and commitment of our highly competent, respected and friendly team will give you a positive feeling that you are in the best hands with your individual wishes and circumstances at all times. The focus is always on unconditional reliability in all processes and services.

mairec edelmetall precious metals recycling team hoch kompetent herzlich alzenau germany
mairec edelmetall precious metals recycling team thomas maier julia maier 01

And that is not all

We – Julia and Thomas Maier – personally guarantee that we and our team will deliver excellent conditions and results and keep all our promises made to you.

Should, despite all care, something not run to your complete satisfaction, we will answer for it.

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